Doeboy determined to provide me his Alpha howl for 5 Mirrors + 235 Exalted orbs! The rationale I’m getting alt arts is I’m hoping the new MTX improvements will include things like cross …
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  1. I by accident sold an alternate art becasue I didn't remember how the original looked like, and just came back after a while. I felt stupid. And sad.

  2. who the fuck cares about your shitty ego-boost-small-penis-compensation bullshit? you never play standard but you want/need/have to own demi's and alt arts in standard? for what? FOR WHAT ZIZ? seriously, you have become the worst streamer in terms of weird behaviour during a league. no respect. you were a pretty cool guy when you started treaming poe, but by now you are just a faggot that needs to show off his shit and the only thing doing is getting more currency currency currency. boring to watch and disgusting as a human being.

  3. these comments are full of people who are jealous that ziz's exalts weren't spent on something they would buy, especially since 99% of the people here haven't seen a 1/100 of the wealth shown in this video. Gz on the alt art ziz.

  4. I think the reason it is so expensive, is because it's rare and looks good. It's not that old, but it was a 1000-point reward, which only around 50 people ever reached, making it one of the rarer race rewards

  5. I've got one gathering dust in standard hc, and before watching this vid I would probably have sold it for a couple of exalts. Had no idea it was that valuable. Thanks, although I feel discusted now. I need to take a shower.

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