President Trump sits down with Martha McCallum to explore his initially a hundred days.
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  1. Trump doesn't understand economics. 'Priming the pump' is economic nonsense. That crap was what kept the great depression going so long. Malinvestments must be liquidated and the capital structure restored for actual growth to occur, not government spending. The bubble will burst on this clown and, unfortunately, he and actual free markets will be blamed for it. Mark my words.

  2. #45 is a typical spoiled brat, rich kid. He can't win so he cries about the rules. He'd like to throw away this game and buy a new one where the rules will allow him to do what ever he wants.

  3. She just asked him how he can whip the Republicans into shape with his approval rating being low (can't be fake news because it's on Fox I guess) and he answered with his election victory war story and the Atlanta election, which should never have been that close to begin with. How much longer can he ramble on without giving straight answers. The reason he can never be pinned down to his word and that he is so flexible is that he speaks in such a twisted and 'stream of consciousness' way. So when you question what he said he always has an out.

    I said healthcare was complicated but I didn't mean it like that, I meant in comparison to other things. What?

  4. we have some closet Dems acting like there Rep and some must be pretty high up the chain.Imstarting to wonder if they didn't run as Rep but lied there way into there spot .It would not surprise me at all.and after seeing the stupid sonsofbitches vote like Dems instead of having the balls to get shit done and vote with those other rep.will some body bitch s
    slap Chuck shit head shumer Nancy p and e Warren just because there stupid.Thank you

  5. Look at how engaged he is with all these issues. The system does move slow & politics is full of shitty parasites. I'm not disappointed with his energy & learning the ropes & shaking up everything. It's going fine. Congress has to get its act together or there will be major upheaval in the midterms. And I don't mean necessarily in the Dems favor. Just new Republicans who want to work at Trump speed & engagement levels.

  6. time for change that is what we voted for, now it is time to take on the archaic rules and dino people making those rules, impeach those who are harming america, the democrats and demorepublicans weed em out drain the swamp faster, IMPEACH pelosi, waters schumer, schiff, warren, all those who have lined their pockets and mad now cuz they can't

  7. With Trump's supposed picks for office being purged quicker than he appointed them, I'm becoming cynical. Is Ivanka running the country? Because I don't remember voting for her.

    They just (quietly) announced that Gorka's being moved out, the latest in a long line of patriots that were purged. Next it seems Nicki Haley is in line to go.

    At this rate, Trump's going to appoint Obama to be the next pick for Supreme Court Justice. Trump is either too weak to stand up to his daughter, or he's already lost to the swamp. Either way he's clearly out of his depth…

  8. Trump: "Believe me. Tremendous. He's a friend of mine. Tremendous. He'll be a Great One. Believe me. Tremendous. I'm a person of common sense. Believe me. Tremendous. Did I happen to mention tremendous?"

  9. Even Republican campaign victories are decided more often than not by who raises the largest sum of campaign contributions. Trump was able to put up 50 million from his own pocket and rebuke the inevitable strings that always come with it. No Senator. i repeat NO SENATOR sits in such a position. This is the primary defect in our system that PROHIBITS REAL DEMOCRACY from taking place. On paper we are a government by the people. But in reality we are a government governed by paper itself. Green paper with pictures on it.

  10. so I was playing a video game called masters of the world. In that game, if you need money for your country you sell to the us something for 3 times what it's worth. I called that out as us bashing, couldn't be true I said. When trump starting talking about trade deals I looked into it more and found out how accurate that game really is, and that is very sad.

  11. He blames the system but the problem is him. His approval ratings are the lowest in history, so congressmen don't really have an incentive to work with him. His own party doesn't respect him lol.

  12. Bad rules? You mean the rules we have used for 250 years? We need to face the fact that Trump is one incompetent senile man. This is the guy who said he was a master negotiator but can't have a deal with a republican congress and republican senate. He is by far the most embarrassing president of all time. Bush son comes second and Obama comes third.

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