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  1. the only type of award show that i watch is korean ones cuz everybody is so good looking and their outfits are beautiful as well. even tho im not a fan of any actors/actresses here (i do like some of them), i still enjoy watching their beautiful appearance!! XD

  2. I'm thinking maybe SUZY & Ji CHang Wook to have a kdrama together. In the near future, I think it's a good idea and they'll have a nice chemistry together. But Suzy is soooo beautiful!!! 😍😍😍😍

  3. 서현진만 쏙 뺐네… 뭐지…where did Seo Hyun Jin go? she wasn't shown as one of the actresses on the red carpet or the award winner…

  4. Do Kyungsoo there will be time you will get the actor award one day!! keep trying. and congrats for your new movie casting!

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